3 Items You Don't Want To Forget On Your Hunting Trip

If you are someone who loves the great outdoors, you know how much fun it is to go hunting with your friends and family members. While hunting might not require a lot of gear, there are certain things that you simply cannot do without. To make sure your hunting trip is one that you will remember for quite some time, make sure to take these three things with you.

Something comfortable to sit on.

Hunting is a sport that takes a lot of patience and time. You might sit outside in your blind for hours on end before ever seeing a deer, turkey, bear or other critter cross your path. In that time, your rear could become quite sore. With something soft to sit on, you can enjoy your hunting experience. Regardless of whether it takes an hour to score your wild animal or 10 hours, at least you will have something nice and comfortable to sit on while you wait. Opt for a cushion, comfy chair or whatever else you can find.

Merino wool hoodies.

Even though you might have checked the weather forecast time and time again, that doesn't mean it is always going to be accurate. Imagine what might happen if the temperature were to drop dramatically at night. How would you stay warm? When you have one of these hoodies with you, you can simply throw it on and bundle up in your sleeping bag. Wool is great for providing you with insulation and warmth, so you will stay nice and toasty when you have your hoodie on. It also works great in the early morning hours before the sun comes up.


One of the most overlooked components of preparing for a hunting trip is that of water. Make sure to take plenty of water along with you. Water will come in handy when you need a drink after being out in the sun. Water makes great coffee, hot chocolate and various other meals. You cannot go without water, so taking some with you will make sure that everyone is properly hydrated and safe at all times.

While these are only a couple of things you cannot do without, there are plenty of others that you need to take with you as well. You want your experience to be a pleasant one, not one where you are stressed out because you didn't bring all of the necessities along. For more information about performance hunting clothing, go to a site like www.core4element.com.